DLMUP Documentation

The DLMUP Settings tab:

After installation, the first step is adding Timers from the DLMUP Settings control tab. You can do this by clicking on Add Folder, or by drag and dropping a folder or folders from Windows Explorer or another File Manager to the DataGridView area.

Please note that if DLMUP is run with Administrator priviledges, Windows Explorer or your other File Manager you are dragging from must have the same elevated priviledges (Administrator) to accept drag and drop.

The different settings for each Timer are as follows:

IMPORTANT: The OK button will confirm the settings you have set on each Timer row you have configured, and will let you know if there are any issues found in those Timers before it can successfully accept them.

The DLMUP Status tab:

The Timer section shows all active Timers, and their status. This can range from having never been started, to having been started, but the Stop Timers button has been pressed (overdue for a scan), or Timers which are actively scanning, and are counting down to their next scan (time left before scanning).

The Unpacking section shows the Unpack Queue. DLMUP unpacks archives one at a time, and all archives found by the Timer will be added to here unless they have a DLMUP_Complete log file or a DLMUP_Bad log file in their archive directory. The Unpack Progress column shows the progress made in unpacking each archive.

The Statistics section shows all the details of the archives that have been unpacked successfully or unsuccesfully. It shows the Time Taken in seconds to unpack an archive, and the archive status (OK or BAD) with appropriate message if the archive was unpacked or encountered any errors.